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Features I want to see in Evernote

EvernoteEdward KiledjianComment

I love the power and simplicity of Evernote. Having used it for a little while, I have some suggestions I wanted to share with you (hopefully someone from Evernote sees this, because improvement recommendations sent to their support box seem to get nowhere).

  • You can email notes into Evernote and they get saved into your default notebook. I would love for my Evernote account to have multiple email addresses, each saving a note to a different notebook with particular tags (like a predefined filter).
  • Evernote has spent a lot of time making their web client better but I still find it clunky and difficult to work with.  I wish their clients (Windows/Apple) had a “thin” mode where your database was not downloaded locally but accessed via the web without leaving traces on the local PC. This would be handy in situations like a work PC where you need the client’s full features but don’t want a copy of your complete database downloaded on the PC.
  • Evernote should include some basic image editing features such automatically straightening, cropping, rotating, and enhancing of scanned documents or images.
  • I know the real power of Evernote is its awesome search capabilities but I use Evernote as my GTD Reference system and there are notes that never need to come up in a search. I wish there was a per note feature to exclude a note from coming up in a search.
  • I have multiple notebooks and hundreds of tags. I wish there was a way to configure tags to pick up all  notes assigned to a tag regardless of what notebook I am currently in. Currently it only displays the notes with the selected tag in the active notebook.
  • I would like the web clipper to have a set date option directly when clipping a page and note have to go into the full client to make the change.
  • I want metadata templates (or note templates). Let’s say I have a bunch of contact notes in a notebook or assigned to a particular tag, I wish I could configure Evernote to show a default pre-defined field note (i.e. with Name, address, tel #, etc). The templates should be user definable.
  • If I pick a particular tag, I would like to be able to print out the note titles as a list. I use Evernote for GTD and this missing feature is a real pain.
  • I want to be able to encrypt an entire note regardless of the content. Come on Evernote, security is top of mind for most people.
  • Currently when someone shared a notebook with me (with full access), I can create new notes in it but I can't move or copy existing notes. Why not?
  • Notebooks shared with me should be visible on my main Account tab and not on a separate Shared tab.
  • I use to use to share my photos with friends and family. One cool feature was custom URLs where I could map a URL I owned (i.e. directly to my SmugMug account. This could be really cool for Evernote. Evernote could have a public Evernote site for customers where we could publish info we deem public (like a mini blog).

This is my rant for now. I am sure more suggestions will come up in a couple of months…

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