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Internet Addiction in teens can lead to higher Depression Risk

Behavior, RapportEdward Kiledjian2 Comments

Today's entry focusses on an interesting article I read August 2010 about Internet addiction with teens.  It showed that teens have a 2.5 percent higher risk of becoming depressed when addicted to the internet.

An interesting quote from one of the researchers is : "The results of the study indicated that young people who use the Internet pathologically are most at risk of mental problems and would develop depression when they continue with that behavior." - lead researcher Lawrence T. Lam

Many claim that the internet creates new mechanisms of connectedness, after all just look at how many Facebook friends most of us have. I found it interesting that 2 possible culprits for the increased risk of depression may be "isolation and alienating". Funny that a technology that is suppose to "increase connectedness" could be doing just the opposite for teens.

You can read the article here : link