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Will mobile apps kill the internet?

Android, WebOS, iPhoneEdward Kiledjian1 Comment

An interesting new report boldly claims that we now spend more time using mobile apps then on the Internet. Flurry, the firm that conducted this research, determined that the average user spends 81 minutes per day using mobile apps as opposed to 74 minutes surfing the internet.

The real shocker is comparing this number with the data from a year ago: 91% jump when users spend 43 minutes on mobile apps and 64 surfing the internet. Other interesting information related to time spent :

  • 47% of user time is spent playing games
  • 32% of user time is spent browsing social networks
  • 7% of user time is spent consuming other entertainment

The question many analysts are asking is “How does this impact the future growth of the world wide web?” At the very least, it might motivate your company to come up with a mobile app strategy as an integral part of your overall branding and marketing program.

Some nice graphs

Mobile apps versus Surfing the Internet



Division of time spent on the device