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IDC predicts users will download 183 billion apps by 2015

Android, Apple, IOS, Microsoft, WP7, WebOS, iPhoneEdward KiledjianComment

June 28 2011, IDC released an interesting report entitled “Worldwide and U.S. Mobile Applications, Storefronts, Developer, and In-App Advertising 2011–2015 Forecast: Emergence of Postdownload Business Models”.

They make a bold prediction that users will download 183 billion apps by 2015 (compared to 10.7 billion in 2010).  They further predict that the revenue model is changing from the traditional model (fee charged during initial purchase) to a freemium model (where the app is free but users may purchase additional functions though in-app purchases and advertising). 

A September 2010 Pew report suggests that 35% of the US adult population has a phone with applications. They further refine the statistic by stating “that means that 24% of U.S. adults are active apps users”. App users are also desirable consumers because they “[…] are younger, more educated, and more affluent than other cell phone users”.

Combine all of the above and it is clear that apps are money makers and are here to stay.