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iPhone devices are cheaper to support than Android or RIM

Edward KiledjianComment

We have seen a handful to analyst reports that clearly show that a MAC is cheaper to support than a PC. An analytics company called ClickFox has now determined that the same is true for iphones [versus RIM and Android].

The research was conducted by analyzing the support calls places with call centers [that support all three platforms]. It was determines that Android and RIM calls required multiple transfers and often multiple support sessions to resolve an issue. It was found that most iPhone issues could be solved with one call. To add additional context, they determined that a RIM support call required additional support ~33% of the time whereas Android required it ~77% of the time.

Apple is fanatical about its user interface. Add to that the fact that support is cheaper and that may explain why organizations like Good Technologies (1) are seeing impressive enterprise adoption of the iPhone.


(1) - Good Technologies latest report showed that 2/3 of enterprise activations in Q2 2011 where iphones while the remaining 1/3 went to Android.