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Amazon's Android Tablet may be here in September

Amazon, IOS, Microsoft, Tablet, WebOS, iPadEdward KiledjianComment

When I say tablet, most people will automatically think of Apple’s iPad. But if the fire-sale liquidation of HP’s WebOS tablets taught us anything, it is that consumers will buy anything for the right price.

The New York Post is now claiming that Amazon’s much talked about Android tablet will be released soon and cost hundreds less than Apple’s iPad.  Their unnamed source claims that the mythical Amazon tablet will launch sometime on September or October and be priced aggressively to ensure it sells.

Amazon has deep pockets and can afford to sell the hardware as a lost leader and then upsell its other services (think of ebooks, the Amazon appstore, Cloud Drive,  Streaming movie service, etc). If anyone can compete with Apple’s unified offering, it is Amazon. Competition is great for customers as it drives innovation and price competitiveness.