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Let Rezscore analyse and grade your CV

HREdward KiledjianComment

It is a common New Year resolution to find a better job (sure we're October but the New Year is just around the corner). Regardless of how you define “a better job” [more pay, flexible work hours or a more interesting field of work] the first step towards that shiny new job is preparing your resume. I’m sure your uncle can give you good advice but…..

Take a look at a website called RezScore. They offer a free automated resume analysis which could help snag that new job you want.

How does it work

You upload your resume, you opt in/out of future contacts from Rezscore and then they generate a list of recommendations to improve your CV. It’s that simple.

They look for many domains including vocabulary, depth, impact, brevity, tone, etc.


I tried the service with different types of resumes and found that it seemed to work better with more traditional resumes aiming for traditional jobs. Flashy and highly original resumes (like a graphic artist vying for a creative job) may not get the same level of quality feedback.


The site states that they use your contact information only when you provide approval for future follow-up. They also state that info in your resume will be kept confidential and never sold/rented. This being said, I am always weary and recommend you strip your personal contact information from the CV before submitting it (address, email and contact numbers).


Overall I find the service very useful and interesting and encourage you to give it a try.