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Lark Life may be a fitbit and Nike FuelBand alternative

technologyEdward KiledjianComment

Walk into any Apple store and you will likely see Lark’s wristband alarm clock which tracks your sleep and gently wakes you up with its vibrating wristband. The company has decided to enter the growing lifestyle tracking world and compete head on with the likes of Nike’s Fuelband and Fitbit’s One and Zip activity trackers.

Similar to its main competitor, the Fitbit, it will track activities and calorie intake through a custom smartphone application but they claim they will provide more value by providing immediate and customized user feedback.

Larklife learns your unique internal clock, or circadian rhythm, and finds the small changes you can make, like moving your exercise time to when your energy is at its peak, or adding in a snack when you hit a low, to make a big difference in how you feel.

Smart tips are designed with the world’s top energy, health and sleep experts, including professors, scientists, pro-athlete coaches and top business executives.


As I try to live a healthier lifestyle with more exercise and a healthier diet, I am realizing that I am a person that needs metrics to keep me motivated. I need to know that I am constantly improving and these types of tools sound like a great way to measure & report. I was about to buy the Fitbit One until I heard about the Lark Life and now I want to wait and see if their final product is as good as they are claiming.

Lark Life is up for pre-order now with an expected ship date "this year".