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Square allows any Canadian to accept credit cards

technologyEdward Kiledjian1 Comment

Square is a little iPhone and Android dongle that allows anyone to process credit card transactions for a small flat fee of 2.75% (without a merchant account or monthly fees). Unfortunately Canadians were left out in the cold but Square just changed all of that with their new Canadian presence.

In Canada, they will accept Mastercard and Visa cards (US users also get American Express and Discover). To get started, you visit their site, complete a 5 minute online questionnaire and they mail you a free credit card reader dongle. Once your application is approved and the dongle received, you download the square app on your iphone, ipad or Android and you can start accepting credit cards instantly.

This is a great option to get paid during a garage sale or product sale via Kijiji or Craig’s list. It is a great way for small businesses to accept credit cards when volume is small, mobility is required or when no other options are available.   There are lots of ways this can be used and since it is free, you have no reason not to get it now.

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