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Microsoft surface review round-up

technologyEdward Kiledjian3 Comments

Various high profile reviewers were given early access to the Surface tablet but because of strong NDAs, weren’t able to write about it until yesterday. Now that the floodgates are open, I wanted to provide (in a short write up) the review summary of the various reviewers. 

  • Wired - Article - Thinks its a great device but will likely confused long time Microsoft customers.
  • Laptop Article - Great hardware but needs a stronger ecosystem to make the device truly worthwhile.
  • The Verge - Article - "INSTEAD OF BEING NO-COMPROMISE, IT OFTEN FEELS LIKE MORE-COMPROMISE". Joshua said he really wanted to like the device but there were too many irritants.
  • Time - Article - Impressive for a 1.0 version product but will closely follow Microsoft and see if they continue to improve the product through constant innovation to really make it a must have. 
  • Gizmodo Article - Surface is priced close to the the most premium tablet, the iPad, yet the Surface is inferior in most ways.

My personal rule of thumb is to never buy the first generation of any product (e.g. Microsoft Surface and even the Apple iPad Mini). I wouldn't spend my own money to buy this just yet but I will be following it with great interest.