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Fitbit, Nike Fuelband and Lark Life competitor - enter shine

technologyEdward KiledjianComment

We have all heard about the Jawbone UP 2, Nike FuelBand, Larklife, Fitbit One, Striiv and Amiigo but make some room for the newest entrant in the world of fitness gamification, Misfit Wearables.

The new Shine is a $99 competitor (at the right price range) that offers some unique characteristics: 

  • It's really small
  • It's the first all metal device
  • It synchronizes with your smartphone sans bluetooth or cable!  YUP, feel free to re-read that sentence again
  • It is waterproof 

It works like the others as in it tracks "walking related" motion (think running or walking), cycling, yoga and swimming . For non walking/running type activities, it uses a conversion model to convert the activity level into a step equivalent.

Light, made out of solid aircraft grade aluminium yet somehow has a mini light based display system. It has a user replaceable battery that lasts 6 months and comes with a magnet accessory meaning it can be worn almost anywhere. 

As you can imagine, the company is fairly secretive about the internals but the team behind the midfit had the first FDA approved IOS glucose meter so obviously the team understands health. Until they provide additional details, it's tough to judge the real usability of the product but it is worth keeping an eye out. The expected ship date (for the first batch) is March 2013.

As of this writing, I am anxiously waiting to see the LarkLife hit store shelves so I can test it out and review it for you here.