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Review of the Eagle Creek Pack-It Cube Medium

TravellingEdward KiledjianComment

Over the last 15 years, I have had the privilege of conducting business in over 30 different countries. Many years ago, I consciously decided to be a one-bag traveler which means I travel with carry-on only (aka no check in luggage). This has many benefits including:

  • no excess baggage fees
  • no worries about lost, delayed or damaged baggage
  • no waiting at the luggage claim conveyor belt

Planning is essential

To be a one-bag traveler (which I highly recommend), I had to take some time and decide what I pack and how I pack it. I'll link to some of my past articles later in this post but I want to talk about a company I discovered and love: Eagle Creek. They make modular packing solutions which will cater to all travelers (whether you travel carry-on only or check in large family size rolling suitcases.

My luggage is the Air Boss (Airboss) or SkyTrain by RedOxx. My packing solution is by Eagle Creek.

Why I love Eagle Creek

I have bought and travel tested dozens of different travel organization products, from locally made items to some of the biggest brands; Eagle Creek is one company that has always stood head & shoulders above its competitors. Every Eagle Creek product I have used has always been well designed and manufactured. The true test for me has been the hundreds of flights and thousands of kilometers their products have travelled with me around the world. From a one hour trip to Toronto (Canada) or a 30 hour jaunt to Shenyang (China), their products have kept my personal items clean, safe and organized.

Eagle Creek Pack-It Cube Medium review

Depending on my destination and the purpose of my trip, I always travel with some assortment of electronics. The Pack-it Cube has proven to be an indispensable companion that organizes and protects my items.

The case itself is soft with a molded top, support structure sides, nice re-arrange able padding/separator and a soft device caressing fleece lining.The medium size seems to be the ideal size for me. It is big enough to carry what I need yet small enough so I can pack it in my carry-on luggage.

Here you see how I pack my Sony HD Camcorder, the power cable, my Joby GripTight and my Glif/Serif mount (last 2 for my iphoneography and the Joby supports my Sony Camcorder).

Here you see how I pack my Steripen water sterilizer, D-Link small WIFI router, my universal power-plug converter, my Ledlenser V2 - DUAL COLOR FLASHLIGHT, Ethernet cables and power adapter.

The last configuration I wanted to share with you includes my Veho 360 portable bluetooth speaker, my Force Guard hotel room lock, my Ledlenser flashlight again, my external 4000mAH battery pack with tips and my Defcon1 motion/theft alarm.


I love the Pack-it Cubes and after spending hundreds of dollars on competing products, I have stuck with this model. After dozens of trips and a generous helping of abuse, the Cubes look brand new and perform like they did day 1. My electronics are organized and well protected. If you buy them from any of the online retailers, the price is about $30 which is incredibly reasonable for something that is going to give you years of use. There are cheaper look alike products out there but every cheap alternative I have tested ripped, didn’t properly protect my devices or just didn’t perform like I expected it to.

You'll notice that all my cables are tied up and tidy. I use the 6" Hook & Loop Cable Ties (velcro) from

One warning: *beware of shady unauthorized resellers *because you may just get a knock-off / counterfeit item. I bought a cube from a “reputable” US ebay seller and when I compared the finishing and materials of that item to the original, the differences were huge. Get the original, you’ll be glad you did.

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