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AppRemover uninstalls security & filesharing applications

technologyEdward KiledjianComment

I previously wrote about my favorite app uninstaller called Revo, it is worth the 5 minutes to read that article

As mentioned in the above linked article about Revo, it will do a fantastic job for 99% of the applications on your windows 7/8/Vista/Server 2003 computer. Then we get to the 1% which is the wonderful world of security apps. These little gems are a must but need to deeply embed themselves into your operating system in order to perform their work. All of this is fine and dandy until you decide you want to uninstall the app.

Sure you can use the windows uninstaller but in most cases, it does work well enough so most vendors have created special uninstallation program for their security tools. Enter AppRemover. AppRemover is a specialized program that helps you completely remove the most popular security applications without having to find and download each developers custom uninstall program.

Like all uninstallation programs, once you download it, it performs a deep scan to identify what is actually installed on your PC. It then presents you with the list of apps it can uninstall. In my tests, it properly detected and cleaned the most common security programs (McAfeem Symantec, Microsoft, F-Secure and Sophos).

It also uninstalls the most common peer file downloading apps like utorrent, bitcomet, eMule, etc.


  • Portable app - download and run
  • Easy to use - even a newbie can use it
  • Complete - In my tests it did an excellent job cleanup up during the uinstallation process 
  • Its free


Obviously this isn't an app you will use very often but it is a nice addition to your toolkit. I still think you should install Microsoft's Security Essentials antivirus app and leave that one running. 

For removal of peer to peer filesharing apps, I would still go to my Revo Uninstaller.