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WineSkin is the ideal way to bring back Wine from your trip

TravellingEdward KiledjianComment

One of the joys of travelling is discovering new tastes and bringing some of it back with you. Bringing back some souvenir alcohol is a great but most travelers worry about the bottle breaking in transit and leaving an indelible mark on your valuables.

The WineSkin may just be able to solve your problem.  The WineSkin is a thick peal-and-seal bubble protection system for your alcohol. Using it is very simple. 

  • Insert your favorite 750ml (or smaller) bottle into the WineSkin
  • Peel and press the seal (the inner seal) against the vinyl covering
  • Form fit the rest of the WineSeal around your bottle
  • Peel and press the seal (the outer seal) against the vinyl covering 

The WineSkin is a single use item but you can find a 3 pack for $9.99 or less. 



There are some reusable alternatives but they are usually much bulkier and don't seem to offer the same level of spill protection. Having looked at about a dozen different models, I am confident that this is the one you will want in your luggage.

Where to find it

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Take a quick look around the web and you'll find these everywhere.  

Obviously shop around but it is easy to find and very affordable. Your local travel store may even have some in stock.