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Canada's great north get's added to Google Street View

technologyEdward KiledjianComment
Google has taken one more step towards mapping this big blue marble we call Earth. In August, a team of Google Street View mappers flocked to the city of Cambridge Bay, in the northern most territory in Canada called Nunavut. 
Google says:
To get a sense of what it’s like to live up in the north, you can walk down Omingmak Streetmake your way to the bridge (where locals fish for Arctic Char) and head out to the Old Stone Church. Check out some Arctic souvenirs in the Arctic Closet, or visit the Ice Hockey and Curling Arena—it’s uninsulated and freezes over once they flood it in the winter! You can also learn more about Inuit history and culture at theKitikmeot Heritage Society and the Arctic Coast Visitors Centre.
You can see Cambridge Bay on Google Maps here.
As you "walk" through the streets, remember that it get very cold in Cambridge Bay. On February 1 2012, the temperature reached a balmy -33 degrees Celsius plus wind chill (-27.4 °F ).