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Creative Thinking Tip #7 - Disprove the assumptions

Leadership StrategiesEdward KiledjianComment

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When using creativity to solve a problem, this tip may come in handy. Typically I like to perform this activity on a big whiteboard.

Use a standard black marker and for 10 minutes, write down all of the assumptions you have about the problem. Don’t judge or belittle anything. Whatever assumption comes to mind write it down. Once your 10 minutes are up, go outside and take a 10 minute break.

Then come back and try to find one assumption you can disprove. Then take stock of the situation and see if new ideas bubble up. If your still stuck, take another assumption and ring it through the same process. After doing 5-6 of these, if you are still stuck, take another break then come back and continue.

Normally after about 3-4 assumptions, you will experience some kind of breakthrough thinking.