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Microsoft Safety Scanner - Free Windows malware cleanup tool

technologyEdward KiledjianComment
Everyone knows there is no perfect antivirus product do there are times when you may want a second opinion about your PC's health. This is the market Microsoft is trying to help with the release of its new Microsoft Safety Scanner. The Microsoft Safety Scanner is a free download and performs and on-demand scan to detect & remove virus', spyware, malware and host of other nasty infections.
The Microsoft Safety scanner is designed to work with your existing antivirus solution and does not replace it. It does not offer real-time protect just on-demand for the times you need a little extra assurance.
Once you download the tool, it expires in 10 days. To use it again, you have to re-download it from the Microsoft site again.

5-8% of users who downloaded this tool had some type of infection (Detected and cleaned by the tool). Interestingly many of the vulnerabilities used to infect machines have patches available but users simply didn't apply them. 

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Download the Microsoft Safety Scanner here