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Google Nexus 4 can LTE in select US locations

technologyEdward KiledjianComment

By all accounts, the Nexus 4 is a benchmark for other OEMs building Android devices. It is a beautiful, fast and intuitive device. The biggest complaint most customers have is the inexcusable lack of LTE.

Imagine our surprise when it was reported that some Telus customers were able to force their phone onto the carriers band4 (AWS 1700 / 2100MHz) LTE network. Now users on XDA Developers have made similar claims in the US where AT&T uses the AWS 1700 / 2100 MHZ (Phoenix, Raleigh, San Juan, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Oklahoma City, Dallas, Chicago, Athens, etc.)

It is important to remember that band4 is rare in the US and even in supported US cities, reception may be spotty. Here is hoping a new version will be released with full support LTE.