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Android's Adult only app store has legs

technologyEdward Kiledjian2 Comments

It’s a well known fact that Google is much more permissive with apps it admits to its app store, compared to Apple. But some content is too hot even for the open minded folks at Google, enter MiKandi.

As an Android user, you can use any app store you want (the most well known are Google’s Play app store and the Amazon App store) and now can choose the MiKandi app store for all your adult needs. They want to become a broker connecting adult content developers with likeminded customers. To start using their store, you open your device’s browser and navigate to

The site was born when Apple performed its mega purge of questionable adult content from the iTunes app store in 2010/11. Overnight Apple killed the revenue stream of thousands of App developers (that Apple had previously admitted to its app store). The founders of MiKandi used this situation as an opportunity to quickly attract adult developers to its marketplace. 

They offer content in the Adult News, Erotica, Eye Candy, Social and Games categories. MiKandi is promising adult developers a stable and safe platform where their apps can be found, downloaded and turned into real dollars. It is promising customers a safe non judgmental store where all of their adult needs can be met. 

Although official numbers aren't published by the company, it is safe to assume that it is generating enough revenue to continue operating (which is something many start-ups dream of).

Whether you are looking for this kind of content or not, it is an interesting trend to see these kinds of specialized stores open up shop.