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Samsung Galaxy S IV rumors are here

TelevisionEdward KiledjianComment

The Samsung Galaxy SIII (S3) is one of the best selling phones ever and is seen as the real competitor to Apple's iPhone 5. With all this popularity, Samsung is the butt of many jokes and the motivation behind many rumors. 

Hold your Android phone tight and tell it you love it because we are now hearing rumors from "unnamed sources" that the S IV may see the light of day as early as April 2014. Little is actually known about the rumored device but it is said: 

  • the project is called project J (internally)
  • It will come with an unbreakable screen
  • It will come with Android key lime pie
  • a 5" 441 pixels per inch screen (PPI)
  • a quad core processor
  • a 13 mega pixel camera 

We all know you can trust rumors from unnamed sources so take all of this with a grain of salt but it is nice to see Samsung continuing to innovate.