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The best USB cables for travellers

TravellingEdward KiledjianComment

As a one-bag business traveller, I carefully calculate everything I bring along during my trips. After having researched and tested different types of "travel friendly" cables (rollable, foldable, retractable, etc), I can safely say my favorite kit is the Griffin USB Mini-Cable Kit

Why did I choose these? They are well built (they will hold up well to the torture of travel) and they are short (which means they take up very little space and won't get tangled). The plastic coating is nice and solid, yet the cables are flexible enough to bend into the right position. The cable plastic covering reaches the end of the connectors without any seems (nice build quality). The kit itself includes a 30 pin iphone cable, a mini USB and a micro USB cable. 

Does this mean I don't carry any long cables? I carry a long micro USB cable in case my night stand doesn't have an electrical plug nearby but that is a topic for a different blog entry. I love these short cables and I'm sure you will too. 

This is my personal blog and I don't use any kind of affiliate marketing. Any links I provide here are done for your convenience (I don't get anything from the retailers). I shopped around and found that the cheapest place to get them in the US is ($11.99US) and the cheapest for Canada is ($13.89CAN)