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How to travel light with only a carry-on

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Travelling is usually an amazing adventure full of wonderful memories and experiences you will cherish for life. Only one thing stands in the way of your trip: air travel. Airlines seem to be charging more for less and nothing seems to exemplify this better than checked in luggage fees. Many airlines now charge fees from the first check-in bag. Add to that the fact that your luggage gets treated like a football, subject to theft by shady baggage handlers, usually takes 20-30 minutes to find its way on the conveyor belt and sometimes sent to the wrong destination.

One packing expert, Doug Dyment, says he has a solution for all of our luggage frustrations, travel with a carry-on bag. He shares his years of experience on his blog.

The packing list is dedicated to the art and science of travelling light. The secret is creating minimalist travel lists, finding the right piece of luggage and using efficient packing techniques.  

Most travellers tend to over pack because they try to cover every possible eventuality that may occur during their trip. The fact is, most of the clothes you take with you likely go unused. Be honest and think of your last couple of trips. stresses the importance of creating realistic lists and then sticking to it when packing. The site also provides a series of lists that Doug created based on his years of travel experience.

How to pack

Once your list is created, prepare all your clothes and pack them using a method called bundle packing. This method uses space efficiently and minimizes wrinkling (it is even better than rolling). If carrying shoes, use them to store socks, underwear, etc.

Packing template created by for Red Oxx. Click to see original


Where to pack

The third secret to efficient packing is using the right luggage. He spends lots of time explaining what well designed luggage should look like (depending on the reason for your trip business, leisure or a mix). In summary, he recommends rectilinear luggage (anything else wastes space) without wheels (wheels take packing space and add weight).

I will be taking a business trip to China in March and decided to buy a piece of luggage called the Air Boss by Red Oxx. This piece of luggage not only meets all of Doug’s recommendations but was actually designed in consultation with him so you know it’s good. I will write a review of the Air Boss as soon as I get back from my trip (with pictures and videos).