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Ghostery warns you about all the networks tracking your web habits

technologyEdward KiledjianComment

Anytime you talk a walk down the information superhighway, creepy companies track your every move so that they can offer more targeted behavior based advertisements. To pull this off, they need to track you as you move across the web. If you have ever wanted to know how many of those systems are tracking you, check out a free Firefox / Chrome add-on called Ghostery.

Whey say “Ghostery tracks the trackers” and that is a great way to describe it.


When you stumble upon a site with these trackers, your Ghostery icon will show a badge listing how many trackers are on your current page:


When you click on the icon, it provides a detailed list of all the trackers it has detected:

This is where the educational part of Ghostery starts. You can click more information on any of the trackers and it provides a bunch of useful and interesting information:


 The blocking option is still in beta for Chrome but still worth a look. You can enable it by :


  • Click on the Ghostery icon : 
  • Then click on the Settings icon :
  • Enable the beta bug blocking feature:



  • When you visit a site with trackers and click on the Ghostery icon, you have a new option at the bottom of the screen "Edit Blocking Options":  
  • Now you can check the trackers you want to permanently desable and voilà 


 As soon as I installed it, I browsed some of my more visited properties and was absolutely surprised at how many trackers they contained. Even if you decide not to block them, knowing who is tracking you is interesting information. My recommendation is download and enjoy