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Review of the Scottevest Travel Boxers 2.0

TravellingEdward Kiledjian1 Comment

As mentioned in a previous entry, I will be travelling to China shortly and one item I will be carrying and using are the Scottevest Travel Boxers.

What is it?

These are boxer’s , underwear that look like shorts, with 2 built in pockets. Scott Jordan, CEO of SCottevest, explained it like this : “Like a lot of guys, I sleep with my iPhone on the nightstand. But in between using the phone as a nightlight to find the bathroom, making coffee in the morning and checking my email, there was no place to put my phone.”

An x-ray view of the pockets  

Scott also says that these can be used as swim trunks or shorts in a pinch.

Why I use them?

The boxers are made from a quick-drying nylon/lycra blend which means I can easily wash and dry them in my hotel room. They are treated with a special anti-odor treatmen, always a good thing. They are small, light and easy to pack. This makes the onebag traveller in me very happy.

Many countries around the world require that travellers carry their passport for identification purposes all the time. This being said, I  don’t want to carry it in my regular pant pocket [for security reasons] therefore you can either use a money belt or these boxers (I prefer the later).


At $20 each ($15 each if you buy 3 of the same color), these are on the expensive side but I say they are worth every penny. If you travel or need comfortable underwear for sports, take a look at these. I like them. I recommend them.

As a bonus, the underwear are delivered in a thick reusable plastic bag that is great to store your liquids while travelling.