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ReviewEdward KiledjianComment

I posted my review about the Wanderlite daypack bagpack on February 8 here. If you haven't read it, I recommend you check it out. 

As promised, I took the Wanderlite with me and wanted to see if I would use it while travelling. I am happy to report that the bag was useful. 

First it packs real small and light, which makes it the ideal secondary bag for a onebag (carry-on only) traveler. It easily fit into the Red Oxx Airboss' middle compartment along with my shoes, bathroom kit and socks/underwear. 

When in Shenyang and Shanghai, I decided to do a little shopping and this was the bag I took with me to carry my items around.

Overall I still like the Wanderlite and would recommend it to any light packing traveller that may need a temporary second journee bag.