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Test Microsoft Office 2013 Now for free

technologyEdward KiledjianComment

Microsoft announced Office 2013 last week which will be touch optimized, have added functionality and of course be cloud connected.

Some of the coolest new features are:

  • Touch optimization : using Office 2013 via touch is as natural as using the traditional keyboard and mouse. All of your standard gestures are supported.
  • Stylus support: Office 2013 now has built in stylus support which means you can now jot down digital ink notes and send them or have Office convert your written notes to text.
  • New Windows 8 apps are now built in (OneNote, Lync, etc)
  • Built in PDF support (ability to edit PDFs and save docs to PDF)
  • Excel has a new start screen with much more helpful template use.
  • Really nice touch interface for Powerpoint.
  • Outlook is the app with the most changes.
    • Super clean 3 pane view
    • Ability to hide ribbon
    • Outlook works very well with GMAIL now (using ActiveSync)
    • Integrates with People app on Windows 8
  • You have full screen mode in most apps (aka you can hide the ribbon)
  • Overall performance improvements

You can now test the early preview version of Office 2012 by checking out this link.

Office 2013 works with Skydrive so make sure you have a Microsoft (hotmail, live, etc) account.

Office 2013 will no longer work with Windows XP or Vista. If you are interested in upgrading to Windows 8 for $39, read this article.