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Real world phishing scam with the mail service

SecurityEdward KiledjianComment

When I mention phishing scams, you rightfully think about online tricks used to steal user information. But many of us still use the national mail service and some backwards thieves have started using a real-world phishing scam with USPS (blue) mailboxes.

Would be phishers are coating the inside of the mailbox chute with an adhesive. This means they can then easily pass by and steal your mailed check or letter containing your personal information (useful for identity theft). Although this latest scam is in Texas, the USPS has said there have been over 30 arrests for similar scams in the last year.

Another version of this trick is to drop a flexible “cord” into the mailbox with a very sticky end to retrieve mail from the mailboxes belly.  This is a wakeup call to remind everyone that real-world scams still abound and that we all need to be extra vigilant.

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