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Is Google killing SEO and organic search rankings?

technologyEdward Kiledjian1 Comment

Ask 10 people how Google makes the bulk of its money and you can be forgiven for thinking they are in the software business. The reality is the majority of Google’s golden egg comes from paid advertising and research from the online advertising consulting company WordStream shows a worrying trend: Google is flooding organic search with sponsored results.

This finding is highlighted when you start looking at the statistics Wordstream highlights. 64.6% of high value commercial search term traffic is directed to sponsored links, compared to 35.4% to organic links.  These are searches where Internet users are looking for commercial products or services.

WordStream CTO (Larry Kim) says it is too premature to declare SEO and organic ranking dead for commercial revenue generation through Google but the trend is moving towards PPC for US Google users.

Here is an infographic they created