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CHROME EXTENSION - Clearly by Evernote

technologyEdward KiledjianComment
I love Evernote and the way it captures ideas. At the end of 2011, they released a browser plug-in called Clearly. It is an extension with sole job is to make reading the web easier and more pleasant.

What does it do

Anytime I see a worthwhile article, I click on the Clearly extension in my browser, and it automagically transforms the page by getting rid of navigation, advertising, links and other superfluous content not related to the article.
For multipage articles, it automagically merges everything into a single page nicely flowing layout.

Do I need Evernote?

The Clearly plug-in works independently of the Evernote service. Even if you're not in Evernote client, you can download and use Clearly. no account or registration needed.
But if you do use Evernote, they offer a web clipper built straight into the Clearly interface.


Clearly offers tons of personalization options. They offer three preconfigured themes out-of-the-box:
  • newsprint: a clean newspaper like interface
  • notable: a modern clean look
  • night owl: a darker theme for nighttime reading
However you easily go in and create your own presets. Just go to preferences, choose your custom configuration and save your settings.


For the security conscious amongst you, it is important to note that all the processing is done on your computer. No information is sent to Evernote.