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Proud to be Canadian

TravellingEdward KiledjianComment

Over the last 15 years, I have conducted business in over 30 countries and even spent a couple of years living overseas in Asia. Anytime people found out I was Canadian, they were friendly and very curious about how life was as a Canadian. One of the most memorable was in Vietnam. The local customs agents spent 15 minutes asking “what life was in a “great” country like Canada”. They called it a land of opportunity where they thought anyone coming in has a chance to build a better life.

I remember standing in countless airports, starring at the maple leaf on the tail of an Air Canada plane.  Feelings of pride running through my body as a citizen of one of the most admired countries in the world. Canadians living in Canada often underestimate what it means to be Canadians and I wanted to write a couple of entries about some of the reasons we should be proud.

There are dozens of reasons to be a proud Canadian but here are some of mine: 

  • We have incredibly innovative Canadians that have positively contributed to the world (more on this later)
  • Our national healthcare system. It is far from perfect and could use improvement but at least every Canadian is taken care of.
  • A culture of tolerance and acceptance. Canada is richer because of its multicultural society. We have helped thousands of families from war torn countries rebuild a brighter future for their children.
  • We are a relatively peaceful country.
  • We are a bilingual
  • We have a beautiful democracy where very different opinions co-exist peacefully (Regardless of how different. )
  • A passport that is accepted and respected in any country without issue. 

I will write about some Canadians that have contributed to the world. Things we can all be proud of coast to coast.