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BitCasa review update and new Chrome plugin

technologyEdward KiledjianComment

There are lots of cloud storage services to choose from and each one seems to have a specific specialty 

  • Carbonite – Offers unlimited backup for 5$ but only for your internal hard disks
  • Dropbox – Offers online storage but primarily a good tool to sync files between devices
  • GDrive – Online web storage with some basic sync functionality
  • and many others 

Each has its strengths and weaknesses but the 2 major stumbling blocks for me are security and data limits. With over 400GB of pictures, online storage via Picasa, Gdrive or Skydrive would cost too much. I could use Carbonite/Phanfare/SmugMug but it doesn’t offer the ability to sync my files across my various devices but online backup.

Bitcasa made an interesting promise that caught my attention. Bitcasa promised a service that could backup and/or sync and/or remotely store my file without any storage limit. Read my previous review of Bitcasa here.

BitCasa Review Update

One of their recent press releases (announcing their Google Chrome extension) also provided an interesting glimpse into the storage requirement for such a service. It seems (according to Tony Gauda, the CEO) that they have 5 petabytes of storage (5 million GB of data).

The Chrome Plugin

The Chrome Plugin is an interesting idea which allows users to send internet downloaded files straight to their bitcasa account. The company says:

“The extension uses Bitcasa's patented de-duplication techniques to optimize download speeds, making downloading large files much faster.  And because you have infinite storage space with Bitcasa, you can download as much as you want without ever running out of space.”


More goodies

The company promises more goodies and toys before the end of the year.