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Camera+ update for iPad and iPhone 5

technologyEdward KiledjianComment
I have been using Camera+ on my iPhone for many years and absolutely love it. It is fast, has tones of useful features and is a huge improvement compared to the built in
The latest update (v3.5) now brings iCloud Sync and iPhone 5 specific feautres:
  • iPhone 5 & iOS 6 support  -  We’re calling this the biggest, fastest Camera+ ever. Take advantage of the taller screen of the iPhone 5 to see more photos in your lightbox and enjoy a larger editing preview area when you’re working with your photos. And with the speedy new processor in the iPhone 5 your photos will be edited and shared before you’ve had a chance to shoot them.
  • NEW iCloud sync   -  We’ve been beavering away on Camera+ for iPad, that’s right iPad, for the better part of two years. The last year of which was adding iCloud sync. Now you can automatically sync your Lightbox photos between all of your devices! As you take photos on your iPhone, they will automatically pop-up on your iPad, so you can take advantage of the larger screen and advanced editing features of Camera+ for iPad.
  • Facebook sharing with single sign-on  -  We’re rolling out Facebook single sign-on support for new users. So if you’ve got the Facebook app installed, you won’t need to enter your Facebook username and password in Camera+. If you’re an existing Camera+ user with a Facebook account setup, you can’t use single sign-on just yet because of a little something that Facebook need to fix (we’re sure they’re on it).

To celebrate the release of the iPad version, the iPhone and iPad versions are currently on sale for $0.99 for a limited time.


Longer screen.

iCloud Sync of the Lightbox