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One Pound Fish - The newest internet music sensation

technologyEdward KiledjianComment

We all know Gangdman Style but have you heard about the newest sensation, the One Pound Fish song? The singer is a 31 year old Pakistani fishmonger from London's Upton Park area. 

Before this became a famous music video and itunes downloadable song, it was a catch song Nazir use to sing to attract customers for his fish. The 1 pound refers to British money not the weight.

Nazir left Pakistan about a year ago (for the UK) and became an unusual music sensation. Interestingly Nazir's boss wanted him to yell (At the fish market) to attract customers but Nazir wasn't comfortable with that. So instead he invented "Come on Ladies, Come on Ladies, one pound fish." Someone video tapped his chant and posted it to youtube. Another person saw it, recognized the hit, and the rest is history.

As irony would have it, the video is a Youtube exclusive but Youtube is blocked in his native Pakistan.

It shows the incredible power of social media.