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Nexus 4 production alive and well says LG

SmartphoneEdward KiledjianComment

Anytime a gadget is popular, tech sites buzz about rumors from unnamed sources claiming the most incredible things. Last week, many sites reported that LG was having production issues with Google’s Nexus 4 and that this model would be phased out for a newer one to be released during February’s Mobile world Conference.

Android Central is reporting that there is no plan to phase out the device and that everything is humming along splendidly at the factory. It looks like Google and LG will now start offering the Nexus 4 through select global carriers (in the UK, US and Europe). This new channel is increasing the production pressure and is causing a reduction in the number of phones available in the Google Play Store. We know that the Nexus 4 is being sold at cost by Google and this new channel may finally make the device more profitable for Google.

Don’t expect the market to immediately flood with Nexus 4 devices waiting for you to pick them up from your local carrier store but know that it will likely become easier to buy soon. As for Canadians, no official word if any of them will carry it but I do expect a couple of them to offer it.