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She drove 900 extra miles because the GPS told her to

FunEdward KiledjianComment


The internet is littered with horror stories about people doing wacky things because of a GPS. Why not add another story to the mix?

A 90 mile journey turned into a multi-day 900 mile excursion. How can this happen you ask? Because the GPS told her to do it. A 67 year old woman wanted to pick up a friend from a train station 90 miles away (both starting and ending point are in Belgium).

Instead of taking her to Brussels, the GPS directed her to Zagreb (Croatia). She admits seeing the language on roads signs change from French, German and Croatian but she was “distracted”.

To cap off her happy journey, her son was worried and sent the cops on a wild goose chase for a “missing person”. I don’t think the GPS is to blame here, maybe she needs to talk to “someone” and figure out why she never realized something may be wrong after the first full day of driving.

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