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You will soon be able to easily buy a Google Nexus 4

technologyEdward KiledjianComment
Google has blamed LG for Nexus 4 shortages and LG has done the same to Google. Cathy Robins, of LG France, is saying that LG produced the number of devices requested by Google but that the quantity ordered was severly low compared to actual market demand. In most Google Play stores, the device was available for hours to a couple of days (since launching in November).
She said that LG is ramping up production to meet the demand. She expects supply and demand to level out sometime in February, as it takes about 6 weeks to change the production rate. Regardless of who made the mistake, she is providing an olive branch for frustrated customers wanting a device but still unable to place an order. 
Many of us will be anxiously waiting for the day the Nexus 4 is readily available for purchase.
Link to original article in french.