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Carbonite makes your most used files available everywhere for free

technologyEdward KiledjianComment

Carbonite is the 800lb remote backup gorilla so anytime they release a new product, I take note. We’ll they released something original and interesting I wanted to share with you because I know it will be immediately useful to you!

Carbonite Currents is service powered by apps for Windows, Mac OS X, Android and IOS that tracks all of your recently used documents (the last 30 days) and makes them available to you everywhere on any platform they support. You don’t have to remember to copy it in a special sync folder, upload it to an online locker or email it to yourself.

Anything you open or edit is automatically made available.

Did I mention it is free? Totally free.

The most recently used file moves to the top of the list so finding your latest edits is easy. It even provides an easy way to share your file (for read or edit) with anyone. And to top of this wonderful technological Sunday, it version controls the listed files so you can always get back to an earlier version if you want.

To be clear, this isn’t a dropbox competitor that makes the entire “Dropbox folder” available everywhere through sync but rather a complementary service for dropbox users and non-users alike. There are times when you get home and realize you forgot to copy an important file to dropbox, this is where Currents would shine. Since its automatic, you have nothing extra to do. Just use the file and Current will make it available.

It is still in beta so you may encounter a few bugs but overall the product is well designed, well thought out and easy enough for anyone to use.

How to install Carbonite Currents

Files available everywhere

Easy sharing with Carbonite Currents