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Tablet domination impacts Intel's business model

technologyEdward KiledjianComment

It’s no secret the tablet market is steadily chipping away at the tradition PC market and now industry heavyweights are starting to feel the impact. Intel has announced that its Haswell architecture motherboards will be the last batch designed and manufactured by Intel.

Other Taiwanese and Chinese manufacturers will easily fill the void however it is interesting to see a tech titan concentrate more on building design references for Ultrabooks and tablet than traditional PC components.

Like everything driven by the consumer, they are at the forefront of the switch to alternative computing models (tablets instead of PCs) however CIOs will have no choice but to eventually change their corporate computing model to account for this new reality. Devices like the Microsoft Surface which deliver the new form factor while still maintaining their corporate manageability, will gain ground in the coming years. For the security conscious, this means your corporate data will be much more mobile. It’s a great time to think about how to manage this new reality.