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Run your favorite devices for 2 weeks without plugging it into the wall

TravellingEdward KiledjianComment

We love our smartphones, tablets and media players but the one limiting factor to all of these is the battery. If you are a frequent business traveler, you know the frustration of running out of juice right when you need it the most. The current solution has us running around with backup batteries but these are heavy and only offer 2-4 device charges before needing to be plugged in.

Now Lilliputian is making a bold promise. It is offering its pattented electicity generation technology to the general public via a small and easy to carry device called Nectar.

It is a tiny "powerplant" that will retail for $299.99 at Brookstone. The Pods which power the device will sell for $9.99 each and will provide about 2 weeks of power for your devices.  Unlike a battery, energy is generated through a pattented process using the pods. It can be used to charge most USB chargeable consumer electronics like iPhones, iPods, iPad, Nexus phones and tablets, eBook readers like the Kindle Fire, etc.

The company says the pods are safe, easy to use and recyclable. They also claim to be 6 times more efficient than a tradition wall plug outlet which means you will reduce your carbon footprint by 83% when charging your devices through Nectar. Each pod provides 55,000 mW-hour of power which should provide more than 10 recharges of a typical smartphone per pod.

To top of an already sweet sunday, the device has been approved for carry-on and use aboard airplanes by ICAO and the US Department of Transportation.

You can pre-order the unit from Brookstone now. The unit is expected to ship summer 2013 so get ready.