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SoundGecko let's you listen to your favorite website

technologyEdward KiledjianComment

SoundGecko is a service that takes in web content you are interested in and makes it available as a downloadable audio track. In simple terms, it converts the content you want into spoken word so you can listen to it while driving, running errands or anytime you can't read.

There are clients for IOS, Windows Phone and Android.

Available on the App Store Download from Windows Phone Store Android App on Google Play

How it works

You sign up for a free account and then go to the SoundGecko page.

you enter your registered email address and add the URL of the content you want read.

You can also add content via the Chrome extension.

Once processed, you can listen to the content online, download it or browse it via their mobile app

Their mobile apps

The mobile apps are clean and easy to use. Any article it processes appears in the app within minutes.

You can play the content or link to the original article. If the original article contains graphs or videos, that part of the article is skipped by the audio conversion engine.

Leverage the cloud

If you use Dropbox, Google Drive or Microsoft Skydrive, SoundGecko can automatically upload the MP3s to that service. 

You can also listen to your conversions as a podcast using most podcast catchers.

Premium version

Many users will find that the free version is more than adequate for their casual needs. For the more die hard, they offer a pro version which costs $2.99 a month:


This is an interesting way to stay up to date with the latest web content that interests you. I tried it for a couple of days and stopped using it but some of my contacts swear by it and have even forked over for the premium version. 

I say try it with the free version and see if this is something that can benefit you. Definitely interesting for the road warrior.