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Rogers has the fastest mobile network in Canada

technologyEdward KiledjianComment

The PCMag team visited all corners of our great country to determine who has the fastest network. After all the testing and analysis, it turns out the Canadian king of speed is none other than Rogers. 

You can read their full article here

As you intuitively realize, not all networks perform the same in all markets but overall the editors of PCMag determined that Rogers provided the fastest overall connectivity on the 2600Mhz LTE band. Big Red was followed closely by Bell and Telus. 

Telus was found to have the fastest HSPA+ network but who really cares about HSPA+ anymore? 

"we used field-test software from Sensorly, loaded onto Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphones running Android 4.2.2." - PCMAG "How we tested"

I do wish they had used a device with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor which has an LTE category 4 baseband. This newer chipset typically results in better network performance. I don't think it changes the ranking but each provider may have had slightly faster top speeds.

PCMag National Canadian Wireless Speed Test Results

PCMag National Canadian Wireless Speed Test Results

As a Quebecer, I was particularly interested in how well Rogers performed in my own backyard and PCMag had an interesting comment: 

"Rogers performed especially well in Quebec, where its LTE network was extremely reliable."

Videotron, a Quebec only triple-play mobile service provier, was found to offer great value and respectable network performance: 

"While it's using HSPA+ rather than LTE, it has really admirable speeds and coverage, making it an excellent value for money"

In Southern Ontario, Rogers performed slightly better than Bell but the race was very close.