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Bell will track your phone, TV and Internet usage

technologyEdward KiledjianComment

The Huffington Post has an interesting article that indicates that Bell will start tracking all your usage to deliver targeted ads. Effective November 16, the Bell privacy option are changing to allow them to do this to serve targeted advertising and to "improve network performance".

They will track your web history (ADSL, FIBE and mobile), application usage, call metadata (similar to what the NSA did) and your location based on cell phone tower triangulation.

They promise not to share your information outside of Bell but does that make you feel warm and fuzzy? Rogers also started doing this recently (Rogers Alerts).

These types of anti-privacy behavior should convince most users to leverage a private VPN service to protect their browsing habits from their ISP.

Huffington Post article here

You can OPT out of Bell targeted ads here.