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Save up to 60% off shaving razors now

GeneralEdward KiledjianComment
Give away the razors and make money on the replacement blades...

This is the mantra used by razor manufacturers and no where is this truer than with the Gilette Fusion razor (which owns 40-55% of the reusable razor market). A typical user spends between $20-$40 a month on replacement razor blades (especially when they are name brands).

A mil-order mens supply company called DollarShaveClub offers to send you cheaper (equivalent quality) razors and replacement blades on a monthly subscription plan and they truly are cheaper than the name brands you buy from Walmart or the pharmacy. But they have a dirty little secret... They are simply reselling the products of a company called Dorco (aka the manufacturer).  

Dorco has its own online store where you can pickup your razors and replacement blades even cheaper. 


You can buy the main razor with 1 cartridge for $10.97


A 4-pack of replacement razors costs another $17.47 (bringing the cost of the razor and 5 replacement razors to $28.44.



Dorco has a slightly superior razor with 6 blades (instead of the 5 on the Gilette Fusion)  for $15.70 (which includes 10 razor cartridges instead of the the 5 you would get with the Gilette Fusion).  


Then you can buy a special 24 pack of replacement razor cartridges for only $29.32. 

What if you want to try another type of Dorco shaving blade? No problem... Every Dorco blade fits in every one of their handles.  

Quality of the razors

Having tested the Gilette Fusion, Schick Quatro Titanium and Dorco, The Dorco is just as good as the other name brand products and often much better than the cheaper pharmacy brands.

I know a handful of people that have made the switch to Droco and every single one of them is happy and keep's recommending Dorco to their friends and family. You can't get a stronger endorsement than that. 

Special Offer

If you use this referral link, you will get 15% off your Dorco order so the price is even more compelling. 

Free Shipping

If you spend $25 or more, shipping to the USA is free. 

If you spend $40 or more, shipping to Canada is free.