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Blackberry launches cloud based Mobile Device Management

technologyEdward KiledjianComment

Unless you work in IT for a medium to large sized company, this article really won't interest you.  

Even my grandmother knows that Blackberry is doomed as a device manufacturer. As it attempts to recreate itself as a services company, we are seeing some interested moves (the failed BBM for Android and IOS) and now they enter the cloud based Mobile Device Management field trying to convince companies with BYOD policies to give them a chance.

Blackberry calls its service Enterprise Mobility Management which is a cloud hosted (and rebranded) Blackberry Enterprise Server. 

Like its Fusion device management server, it supports Blackberry 10, Android and IOS devices.

 I think the idea of offering BES in the cloud is sound as it simplifies device management for overwhelmed and overworked IT support personnel. Cloud means no need for local license management, no need for on premise servers, no backup concerns and no worries about disaster recovery. All of these headaches are solved through a stable and predictable monthly fee. So far so good. 

Looking at the performance issued they experiences with BBM for Android (which forced them to pull the plug), you have to wonder how reliable the service will be. Once you commit to this service through Blackberry, you success or fail based on their performance and uptime.

You can read their full press release here.