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Chromecast now shipping to Canada

technologyEdward KiledjianComment

Chromecast is still a US only device according to Google but seems to be willing to ship it to the great white north I call home (aka Canada plus the UK, Australia, Hong Kong and Germany are confirmed).

I bought a unit during a trip to Wichita last week and set it up over the weekend. Because the device is not officially available to international customers, you will have to be creative to find the Google Chromecast configuration app (since it is only available on the US Google Play Store and US Apple iTunes store.)

  • I downloaded the Android APK from here
  • You can read the full discussion on XDA developers here
  • If you only have an IOS device, you will have to create a new US iTunes store account and download the free app, configure your device then switch back to your primary international itunes account. link here.

I ran my tests over the weekend and you can successfully: 

  • Steam Youtube content
  • Stream Canadian (or your local) Netflix content
  • Stream Google Play content (movies and music) 

If you have a router that VPNs to the US then you can even stream US Netflix. 

If you have a HULU Plus account, you can even stream HULU Plus content to it.