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12 qualified bidders for Canada's 700mhz spectrum

technologyEdward KiledjianComment

700mhz is an incredible band that every carrier wants to get a hold off. It goes through buildings like a hot knife in butter. It reaches much further which is great for providing coverage is rural areas. Canada is about to auction is highly prized band and 15 bidders wanted in on the action. Now Industry Canada has published the final list of qualified bidders.

The auction starts mid-January and the government is hopeful this will spur wireless competition. 

  1. Bell Mobility Inc.
  2. Bragg Communications Incorporated
  3. Feenix Wireless Inc.
  4. Globalive Wireless Management Corp.
  5. MTS Inc.
  6. Novus Wireless Inc.
  7. Rogers Communications Partnership
  8. Saskatchewan Telecommunications
  9. TBayTel
  10. TELUS Communications Company
  11. The Catalyst Capital Group Inc.
  12. Vidéotron