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Motorola Moto G now available in the US

Edward KiledjianComment

Canada was one of the first countries to launch Motorola's new low-cost Android smartphone, the Moto G. The Canadian version, sold by Telus, costs $200, is locked to the carrier and comes with 8GB of storage.

Now we learn that our friends to the south (aka the United States of America) can order a factory unlocked 8GB version for $179 and the 16GB version for $199. For each of the capacity tiers, americans can choose either a global GSM version of a US centric GSM version (with AWS band support). What does AWS support mean? It means it will work on all Canadian networks (including the younger competitors like Videotron and Wind Mobile).

Ideally Canadians should be buying this new AWS version but for some unknown reason, Motorola won't ship it north of the border. If you live in the US or know someone that does, order it online now since deliveries start December 2.

Source: Moto G