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Industry Canada Explains its Wireless Policy

technologyEdward KiledjianComment

A short video by the Government of Canada explaining that Canadians deserve more choice, more competitive pricing and better contract terms. 


15 bidders submitted bids for the upcoming 700mhz wireless auction, you can see the list here.  On November 8, it will publish the list of qualified bidders that have submitted the required deposit (those who will be allowed to participate in the auction). 

The official statement from the government was: 

"Today, Industry Canada published the list of applicants for the 700 MHz spectrum auction scheduled for January 14, 2014. This high-quality spectrum will soon be deployed across Canada, providing Canadians with dependable, high-speed wireless services on the latest technologies.
"Well before this summer's public debate on wireless policy, our Government introduced a number of measures to create more choice in Canada's wireless market and to defend consumers. As a result, prices have come down, the number of jobs in the wireless sector has increased and consumers have more choices. This trend will continue as a result of January's auction.
"In addition to this auction, our Government will continue to aggressively pursue policies that ensure consumer interests are at the core of all Government decisions." - link