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Bluetooth LE is the future of customer service

technologyEdward KiledjianComment
Creative Commons Image - Flickr User  Sean MacEntee

Creative Commons Image - Flickr User Sean MacEntee

When most of us think of the upcoming Bluetooth Low Energy retail revolution, we immediately think of Apple's iBeacon technology. why? Apple was the first to launch this tech at its annual WWDC conference. It will be deploying about 20 per store in its 250 stores. 170-200 million iDevices with IOS 7 currently are potential iBeacons. Companies, like Estimote (link) have already launched commercial Bluetooth LE devices compatible with iBeacons.

This doesn't mean Apple is the only game in town. Mobile heavyweight Qualcomm will be launching its own Bluetooth LE location aware service products (series 20 indoor beacons costing $5 with volume).

Qualcomm's beacon technology is IOS and Android compatible, which is a good thing for consumers.

This technology will allow retailers to track consumers (privacy safeguard are expected to be in both IOS and Android implementation) and deliver personalized offers based on the incredible signals retailers collect.