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Android 4.2.2 prevents Nexus 4 from using LTE

technologyEdward KiledjianComment

Reviewers were shocked when Google's flagship Nexus 4 was released without LTE support. How could a flagship phone come without LTE? Creative users figured out a way to "trick" the phone into switching on its unsupported but built in LTE chipset (worked only on AWS band 4 LTE).

Well now we learn that Google's latest Android update (4.2.2) kills the workaround that thousands have been exploiting to enjoy faster LTE speeds. With the update installed, any attempts to choose LTE as the network tech is met with an automatic switchback to WCDMA preferred. 

If you want LTE on your Nexus 4, don't upgrade it to 4.2.2. and hope someone releases a custom ROM with the bug fixes and improvements (without the new radio blocking patch).

Original article by AnandTech here.